Is It Time to Replace Your Golf Club and Putter Grips?

    Most golfers understand the importance of golf club and putter grips – the lone point of contact between the hands and the club. But a lot of players, even avid types, aren’t sure when to replace their golf grips.

    Should you regrip based on the calendar (for example, every year)? Or is frequency of play a better gauge (say, every 40 rounds)?

    Are there specific golf clubs, like the driver, you should regrip more often than others? And what about climate – can the weather affect your golf club grips’ lifespan?

    We field these questions regularly here at SuperStroke, so we put together this handy Q&A to provide the need-to-know info:

    1. Why is it necessary to regrip my golf clubs, including my putter?

    That’s easy: because worn out golf grips can hurt your game.

    Over time (and rounds, plus practice sessions), heat, sweat, dirt and oily residue combine to degrade the grip. You’ll feel less traction between your hands and the club, which will cause you to grip it more tightly to keep it from slipping. This creates tension in the hands, wrists and forearms – and tension is a guaranteed swing-wrecker.

    1. How often should I regrip my clubs?

    As a general rule, every 12 – 18 months or every 30 – 40 rounds. Also, consider a normal practice session the equivalent of one round.

    You may need to replace your golf grips more often if you live and play in a particularly hot, humid environment (the U.S. southeast, for instance). Also, storing your golf clubs in a hot place, like your car’s trunk or a poorly ventilated garage, can hasten their demise.

    1. Can cleaning my golf grips help them last longer?

    You bet it can. And if you clean them often, you’ll enjoy better performance between regrips.

    It’s a simple process that’s well worth your time. Clean each grip with warm water and dish soap, scrubbing with a non-abrasive surface like a wash cloth or soft brush. Rinse, then dry with a bath or kitchen towel.

    You’ll be amazed how much tackier a golf club grip feels after a nice cleaning.

    1. What are the signs that a grip needs replacing?

    If a grip is hard, shiny and cracking, it’s well past time.

    Short of that, check for surface tackiness against your bare hand. If you can slide your hand easily up and down the grip while holding it with light to moderate pressure, it may be time to regrip.

    If you’re not sure, try cleaning the grip first. That may help you squeeze a few more rounds from it.

    1. Which golf grips should I replace most often?

    Sometimes, you don’t need to replace all 14 grips at once.

    Naturally, the grips that wear out fastest are the ones you use most. The putter gets the most action of any golf club in the bag – most golfers average 30 – 40 putts per round, plus practice sessions. You might even work on your putting at home, which causes even more wear and tear.

    The driver, which you might hit as many as 14 times per round, can degrade pretty quickly, too. Next check your wedges, then the rest of your set in order of most-used to least.   

    1. Where can I get my clubs regripped?

    Your local golf course or club’s pro shop likely offers regripping services, as do most brick-and-mortar golf retail shops and clubfitters. 

    1. Can I change my golf club and putter grips myself?

    You sure can. It’s not an especially tough task, but you will need several items to get it done, starting with SuperStroke’s Re-Grip Kit.

    Here’s a link with a how-to video; while the instructions are specifically for installing a SuperStroke putter grip, they apply to other clubs and grips as well:

    Simple Steps for Regripping Your Golf Clubs 

    If you’ve got a question we didn’t answer, feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] or by using the form here: Contact Us 

    Dean Dingman
    Dean Dingman is the Owner and President at SuperStroke

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