The Putting Grip Styles From Tour Championships

    There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite player on tour pull off an exciting victory, especially when it comes down to the wire with nothing but them, their putter grip and one final hole. For many of us who are not professional golfers, it can be hard to picture ourselves in that exact situation. It’s easy to wonder, “How can they pull it off under so much pressure?”

    For many golfers, the technical aspect of this moment comes down to two important things: their putting grip style and the putter grip. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these two things go hand in hand (no pun intended). These players know exactly which putter grip perfectly suits their putting grip style and, by extension, know how to use their putter grip to their advantage in these situations.

    Of course, players on tour are surrounded by equipment experts who can advise them on the right putter grip for their putting grip style. If you don’t have that same advantage, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Luckily for you, SuperStroke makes grips for every putting grip style and we’re here to help.

    If you’ve been curious about the putting grip style and corresponding putter grip used by your favorite tour players in their victories, you’ll find the answer here. Take note of which putting grip style you use and see which golf putter grips you should be using to achieve the same incredible results.

    Wrist Lock Putting Grip Style

    Ryan Brehm Putter Grip – SuperStroke WristLock

    Ryan Brehm uses a SuperStroke WristLock putter grip.

    Ryan Brehm pulled off his first win on the PGA Tour at the Puerto Rico Open in March. He uses a WristLock style of putting. Luckily for him, SuperStroke’s WristLock putter grip is especially made for this putting grip style and using this grip paid off for him during this tournament.

    The WristLock putter grip is one of SuperStroke’s most innovative models. This putter grip is specifically designed to “lock” the upper wrist in place to keep it steady. This is key because it prevents unwanted movement during a putt, leading to a greater sense of control over the stroke’s motion. Right-handed or left-handed golfers can benefit from this putter grip, and it’s ideal for anyone looking to cut down on wrist motion for more control.

    Left Hand Low Putting Grip Style 

    Jordan Spieth Putter Grip – SuperStroke Flatso 1.0

    Jordan Spieth uses a SuperStroke Flatso putter grip.

    There’s no doubt Jordan Spieth has achieved a great deal in his professional golf career, and through many of his most triumphant moments, he’s had his SuperStroke Flatso putter grip by his side. This includes his recent win at the RBC Heritage in April.

    The Flatso grip perfectly compliments his Left Hand Low putting grip style. This grip has a unique pentagonal shape, meaning it has first distinct sides allowing for a special feel. Another important part of the grip’s overall feel is surface texture meant to give incredible feedback and tack. “X-shaped” treads in high sensory areas, including the sides and underside of the grip, also enhance the grip’s feel and overall comfort in your hands.

    The results Spieth has gotten with the Flatso grip speak for themselves – he has used a Flatso for all three of his major championship victories.

    Arm Lock Putting Grip Style

    Will Zalatoris Putter Grip – SuperStroke 1.0PT

    Will Zalatoris uses a SuperStroke 1.0PT putter grip.

    Much has been said about the Arm Lock putting style. It may not be for everyone, but Will Zalatoris has clearly had great success with it, particularly at the St. Jude Classic where he had an incredible victory using the SuperStroke 1.0PT putter grip. 

    The 1.0PT does not need to be used with an Arm Lock style, but those players who do have this putting grip style will find that this grip compliments it. The 1.0PT is a blend of tradition and advanced Traxion technology.

    Starting with a classic pistol-style, the grip has been engineered to have a more pronounced arc which achieves a few key things. For one, this allows players to maintain even grip pressure. Second, players who use this grip find it’s easier to start online more consistently.

    Conventional Putting Grip Style

    Justin Thomas Putter Grip – SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour

    Justin Thomas uses a SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour putter grip.

    In one of this year’s major championship moments, Justin Thomas triumphed at the PGA Championship with a SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour. This is one of the best putter grips for the putting grip style he uses: the conventional grip.

    As the name suggests, the conventional grip can be used with several putter grip styles, but we can clearly see how Thomas has found success using the Pistol GT Tour. Like the 1.0PT, this is a pistol-style grip. The advancements that take it a step further include the No Taper Technology and the Advanced Spyne Technology.

    These help golfers to minimize their overall grip pressure with a parallel design and easily find repeatable hand placements for a perfect grip every time. To quiet the hands, there’s a uniform lower hand profile that also plays a role in consistent strokes.

    SuperStroke takes pride in making putter grips for every golfer and every putting grip style. To get an even more personalized recommendation for a putter grip, use the putter grip selector tool to find the best grip for your game.

    Dean Dingman
    Dean Dingman is the Owner and President at SuperStroke

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