Phil Kenyon is giving away a free gift to help you hole more putts!

    Super Stroke ambassador and world-renowned putting coach – Phil Kenyon, has put together an unbelievable free gift designed to help golfers overcome frustration and hole more putts.

    We asked Phil about the gift and why he wants to help more amateur golfers, and this is what he had to say…

    “I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of golfers who have contacted me lately and asked for help. Golfers who are frustrated with their putting but who are committed to getting better. Golfers who feel anxious over short putts, struggling with 3 putts and seeing chances they know they should make continually miss the hole. Does this resonate with you? I get it. I’ve worked with hundreds of golfers over the past 20 years, from the best in the world to high handicap amateurs. I want to help, so I’ve put together a free gift as a thank you for all your questions, comments and kind words. And here’s the truth I believe ANYONE can learn to putt like a tour pro! Whilst certain physical attributes are definitely needed to drive the ball 320 yards, anyone can 100% learn to become a top putter. The gift includes 7 of My Top Drills to Help Amateur Golfers Hole More Putts (each of the simple drills can be mastered by ANYONE without spending hours on the putting green). Plus, you will also receive my Bonus Cheat Sheet – What to do on the putting green before a round (even if you only have 5 minutes)”.


    Dean Dingman
    Dean Dingman is the Owner and President at SuperStroke

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