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    Great Stocking Stuffers for Golfers

    Gifts come in all sizes, and sometimes the smaller presents leave the biggest impressions. In addition to our SuperStroke putter grips and golf club grips, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite golf accessories gift ideas for your friends and loved ones.

    1. The Best Golf Club Regripping Kit

    One of the best golf accessories gift ideas is SuperStroke's golf club regripping kit.

    The parable around teaching a man to fish versus simply supplying him with food extends to our golf regrip kit. Give the gift of skill and versatility when you sneak this golf regripping kit in his or her stocking this year.

    Tour players regrip their golf clubs an average of every six weeks, so now your friend or loved one can do the same on their own. We have a golf club regripping guide with all our tips and tricks outlined – and even videos – so your friend can feel confident about replacing his or her putter and golf club grips.

    2. Give the Gift of Accuracy With Our New Golf Rangefinder

    SuperStroke's golf rangefinder is extremely accurate and adaptable thanks to its tournament slope and locking technology.

    SuperStroke just launched our golf rangefinder, meaning you and your friends can get an early start on what is sure to be a hot trend. With the tournament slope switch, lock technology and vibrations, and water-resistant features, this accurate golf rangefinder – up to 1,000 yards! – is another easy gift to slip into someone’s stocking this year.

    This golf rangefinder comes with a rechargeable battery, a protective case, and a one-year limited warranty.

    3. SuperStroke Putter Weights to Customize Their Putter

    Add putter weights and aluminum screw head replacements to your friend's SuperStroke putter grip.

    SuperStroke offers three different putter weights – 25g, 50g and 75g – to help the golfers in your life adjust their putter accordingly. Playing with the putter weights can lead to more consistent putting strokes and better speed control.

    These putter weights are compatible with SuperStroke’s CounterCore and Traxion Series putter grips and come with a wrench for easy installation.

    If your golfer has been playing around with putter weights and has decided to go with the original SuperStroke putter grip or simply wants a replacement for the butt of the club, we offer aluminum screw head replacements as an easy add-on gift.

    4. Knowledge is Power With the Arccos Sensor

    Anyone looking to improve his or her putting with instant feedback needs a SuperStroke Arccos sensor.

    While you’re tinkering with the idea of improving your friend’s putting, don’t forget to throw in an Arccos sensor. Known as the “Smartest Caddie,” the Arccos sensor pairs with SuperStroke putter grips and provides analysis and feedback on every putt.

    This putter sensor is compatible with CounterCore, Traxion and +PLUS SERIES putter grips. Explore our other putting aids for bonus golf gift ideas.

    5. The Golf Towel You May Buy for Yourself Too

    Everyone needs a golf towel, so it may as well be a SuperStroke golf towel representing your friend’s trusty grips. Our golf towel is 100% cotton, oversized, soft and washable, making it the perfect addition to anyone’s golf bag.

    6. Give Them Their Next Lucky Ball Marker

     SuperStroke golf ball markers make some of the best golf gifts over the holidays.

    Golf ball markers can really define someone’s putting experience. Give them a high-quality, stylish ball marker they’ll be excited to use on every putt. Who knows, maybe you’ll give them their next lucky ball marker (you’re welcome!).

    Top 5 Best Golf Gift Ideas From SuperStroke

    With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to make your list and check it twice to be sure you’re getting your loved ones the best golf gifts possible. SuperStroke is making it easy this year with our recommendations for most loved golf gifts and the type of person who might enjoy receiving them. These top 5 golf gifts are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces!

    Choose between custom golf grips, putter grips for sports lovers, essential golf technology and even a DIY kit to help them regrip their golf clubs. These gifts will speak to every kind of golfer in your life and show them you really put care and thought into selecting the perfect gift.

    Of course, the options don’t stop here. Any number of our high-performing putter grips or putting accessories are sure to be appreciated by anyone in your life looking to keep their game sharp in time for the next golf season.

    1.   For the Sentimental Golfer – Custom Putter Grips

    Custom putter grips make perfect gifts.

    There are few things as heartwarming as personalized gifts, and with SuperStroke custom putter grips you can give a present with plenty of thought behind it. Popular customizations include photos of pets, grandchildren, initials or names and even logos from college sports teams (that aren’t already available in our NCAA licensed grips!).

    For the animal lover or proud grandparent, having a custom putter grip with a cherished photo that they can show off to their friends on the golf course would be just the thing to put them in the holiday spirit. SuperStroke makes it easy for you to upload images, graphics and text to make your very own custom putter grips for everyone on your list.

    Shop Putter Grips (Customization Available)

    2.   For the Golfer Who Wants to Have it All – Full Set of Club Grips

    SuperStroke makes some of the best golf grips available.

    If you have a mega golfer in your life who plays golf whenever they can, there’s a real chance their golf grips are majorly worn down and ready for a refresh. Nothing could be more thoughtful or practical than a full set of golf grips to get them ready for next golf season. Paired with our kit to regrip golf clubs (see below), this is a gift that shows you care about their game.

    SuperStroke makes some of the best golf grips available in a range of grip styles to match any preferences. From wrap style grips to those made with tacky polyurethane, our golf grips are meant to enhance the feel of every swing and improve overall stability and control. Advanced design, like Taper Control Technology, reduces grip tension and promotes a consistent putting stroke.

    Shop Full Sets of Golf Grips

    3.   For the Tech-loving Golfer – SuperStroke Golf Rangefinder

    The SuperStroke golf rangefinder makes a perfect gift.

    Even the best golfers can use a little help with technology to better understand the course they’re playing on, which is why a SuperStroke golf rangefinder is the perfect gift for tech-minded folks.

    The SuperStroke Golf TXr-1000 Rangefinder has key features that will help you on the golf course. Dial in distances from target with a range of over 1,000 yards, including a tournament legal slope switch and CRT-Lock technology. Keep your golf rangefinder close at hand with a wrist strap and make sure it’s always in top-notch condition with a cleaning cloth and a protective case.

    This golf rangefinder comes with a Type-C rechargeable battery, so you’re never left in the lurch. It’s also water-resistant, allowing you to use it even on rainy days.

    Shop SuperStroke’s Golf Rangefinder

    4.   For the Sports Fanatic – Licensed Putter Grips and Golf Grips

    Licensed putter grips make great gifts for sports fans.

    Many golfers are sports fans in general, and if you have someone on your list with a favorite NFL team or who is a baseball lover, get them a licensed team grip so they can show support for their team on the golf course.

    For your loved ones who spend every Sunday, Monday and Thursday glued to the TV to watch their favorite football teams, there’s a selection of NFL putter grips and golf grips that’ll be the perfect gift for them.

    Baseball is America’s pastime, and fans of the MLB will be more than satisfied unwrapping a golf grip with their favorite team’s colors and logo on them.

    Hockey fans are also covered with plenty of NHL teams to choose from. Getting the chance to support their favorite hockey team while on the golf course is a gift in and of itself.

    SuperStroke putter grips and club grips also come with NCAA teams, which make these grips perfect presents for proud alumni or current students. Has your niece or nephew already made their college decision by the holidays? A golf grip supporting their new school is a great way to celebrate them.

    Shop Licensed Team Golf Grips

    5.   For the DIY Golfer – Regripping Kit

    Golf club regripping is easy with SuperStroke's kit.

    If you’ve never done your own golf club regripping, you might not realize just how easy it can be. SuperStroke is on a mission to make it even easier, though, so anyone can regrip their own golf clubs at home. In addition to our helpful golf club regripping tips and tricks, we also sell everything you need to regrip your clubs at home with our regripping kit.

    If there’s a golfer in your life who’s a fan of tackling home improvement projects or likes working with their hands, give them a regripping kit and give them the satisfaction of knowing they regripped their golf clubs themselves. There’s no better gift than a new skill, and learning how to regrip golf clubs will come in handy for years to come.

    Shop SuperStroke’s Regripping Kit

    This holiday season, show all the golfers in your life how much you care with thoughtful gifts that perfectly match their personality. You can’t go wrong with personalization – whether it’s a custom putter grip, licensed team grip or another gift that celebrates a bond you share. If you didn’t find the right gift on this list, rest assured that SuperStroke has the perfect gift for every golfer in your life, especially in our golf accessories section.

    Everything to Know About Custom Golf Grips

    Whether you’re looking for gifts for someone special in your life or you want to treat yourself, custom golf grips make perfect presents or cherished keepsakes. SuperStroke’s personalized golf grips can be customized in a variety of ways using images, text and colors so you can make something truly unique.

    There are many reasons why you might want to purchase custom grips. You might want to play with a putter grip that has your pet’s face on it or give putter grips with your company’s name and logo on it for a holiday gift.

    Some of the most popular reasons for ordering custom-made golf grips include:

    • Presents for birthdays or holidays
    • Graduation gifts with the school logo
    • Corporate or company gifts
    • Memorabilia or collectables
    • Unique keepsake for playing or displaying
    Get a custom putter grip with your favorite logo on it from SuperStroke.

    SuperStroke makes it easy to create your very own custom grips that will have other people asking, “Where did you get that?” Become the envy of your golfing friends or surprise a loved one with a special grip that will have them thinking of you every time they play.

    When it comes to the process of creating and ordering personalized golf grips with SuperStroke, we have you covered with everything you need to know; from how to choose the right grip to uploading the highest quality images, take a look at some frequently asked questions.

    Custom-Made Golf Grips with SuperStroke FAQs

    SuperStroke makes it super easy to personalize golf grips. By following our process, you’ll receive beautiful custom grips that you’ll cherish for years to come.

    1. Which SuperStroke grips can you get personalized?

    Currently you are able to personalize all SuperStroke putter grips, with the exception of the Traxion Flatso 17″ and the Traxion Tour 1.0 2PC. Golf club grips can also not be customized at this time.

    2. How can you personalize SuperStroke grips?

    You can create custom putter grips by adding your own photo, graphic or text to the putter grip style and choosing the color. This image, graphic or text is placed on the front of the putter grip right above the SuperStroke logo, which runs down the length of the grip.

    Some of the most popular ways to personalize golf grips are with special pictures of pets or grandchildren, text like initials or names, and graphics of company logos or college mascots.

    For other ideas, think outside the box; family photos, favorite vacation spots, funny nicknames or even a scanned photo of a child’s drawing can make a memorable custom grip.

    3. How much does it cost to customize a grip?

    Personalized golf grips are an extra special way to stand out from others and represent what’s important to you right on your grip. Because of the extra time and resources needed to create each personalized grip, custom-made golf grips cost an additional $2.99.

    4. How long does it take to receive custom grips?

    It typically takes 5-7 days for print processing for personalized golf grips. With this additional time needed to process custom grips, it’s important to factor this in when placing orders you need by a certain time frame, like the holidays.

    Create Custom Putter Grips With SuperStroke

    SuperStroke makes it incredibly easy to create and order custom putter grips. With these steps, you’ll be able to order custom grips you’ll love for years to come and ensure you get the best looking product with our tips and tricks.

    1. Select Your SuperStroke Putter Grip 

    First choose the putter grip you want to personalize. If you’ve never played with a SuperStroke putter grip and don’t know where to start, consider using the grip selector tool to find the right grip for your putting grip style.

    2. Click “Customize Your Grip”

    After you’ve selected the size and color of the grip you’ve chosen, instead of clicking ‘Add to Cart,’ instead choose the button next to it that says ‘Customize Your Grip.’

    3. Add Your Image, Graphic or Text

    Here is where you are able to add an image or text to your grip. For the best possible image quality, we recommend using a JPEG or PNG file that is high resolution (typically 1000×1000 pixels); an image that is too small might come out blurry on the grip.

    Our team is always here to help you and answer questions as you create your custom grips since we want you to love the way your custom putter grip turns out. So whether you’re looking to make an impact at your next company retreat, give out prizes at your country club’s next tournament, or want to surprise all your friends on your annual golf trip, SuperStroke custom putter grips are an easy way to put a smile on anyone’s face.

    Rory McIlroy Wins the CJ Cup With a SuperStroke Putter Grip

    This past weekend Rory McIlroy was victorious at the CJ Cup, winning at the Congaree Golf Club in South Carolina, with a SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT Tour putter grip. Six of the top 10 finishers also chose SuperStroke.

    McIlroy beat runner up Jurt Kitayama by one stroke, firing a final round score of 4-under 67 to finish at 17-under 267 for the tournament. With this win, McIlroy climbs once again to No. 1 in the Official World Golf Rankings.

    “What an exciting showing for Rory McIlroy, who has reclaimed his position at the top of the OWGR. To have a player of his skill and stature relying on SuperStroke in his most important moments is both an honor and validation for all that we hope to achieve with our putter grips,” shared Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke.

    Not only is this McIlroy’s third win of 2022, it’s also his twenty-third career win on the PGA Tour and his thirty-first win worldwide. This is his ninth time being ranked as number one in the world and puts him just behind Tiger Woods and Greg Norman for the most times ranked in the top spot.

    McIlroy’s other most recent wins include the Tour Championship in August 2022 and the RBC Canadian Open in June 2022. It was also during these victories that McIlory used his SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT putter grip.

    The design of the Traxion Pistol GT SuperStroke putter grip merges two popular putter grip elements: a pistol-style and no tapering. The result is a putter grip with a top section built to allow players to lock their upper hand position in while maintaining even grip pressure. This is essential for increasing the chances of stroke consistency.

    In addition to these two key design elements, the Pistol GT, like other Traxion grips, uses Spyne Technology of an embossed ridge along the underside of the grip to guide repeated hand placement. Having proper hand placement is important for starting more putts online and increasing the chances of squaring the face at impact.

    Like McIlroy, SuperStroke is the putter grip of choice for many of the highest performing players on tour. Others include SuperStroke Ambassadors Jordan Spieth, Patrick Cantlay and Sungjae Im. These putter grips are notably used by world-renowned putting expert Phil Kenyon. What puts SuperStroke at the top of its game is advanced design, engineering for high performance and a wide selection of putter grips for every type of player.

    Rory McIlroy Putter Grip Quick Facts

    The SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT is Rory McIlroy's putter grip of choice.

    What is Rory McIlroy’s Putter Grip?

    Rory McIlroy plays with a SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT putter grip. With No Taper technology and a pistol-style inspired design, this SuperStroke putter grip is built to help golfers maintain even grip pressure and maintain proper hand positioning.

    How Many Majors has Rory McIlroy Won?

    Rory McIlroy has won four major championships to date. He won the U.S. Open in 2011, The Open Championship in 2014 and the PGA Championship in 2012 and 2014.

    Keegan Bradley Wins The ZOZO Championship Using a SuperStroke Putter Grip

    This past weekend in Japan, Keegan Bradley won the ZOZO Championship using a SuperStroke Traxion WristLock putter grip. This was Bradley’s first win on the PGA Tour since 2018.

    Bradley won the tournament with a final round score of 2-under 68, finishing just one stroke ahead of Rickie Fowler and Andrew Putnam. His total score was 15-under 265. One of the critical moments that led to his win was a birdie on the 17th hole, which put him two shots ahead of Fowler and Putnam heading into the 18th hole.

    “What an exciting finish for Keegan Bradley, who so masterfully used SuperStroke’s WristLock grip,” noted Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke. “This is the kind of moment you love to see on Tour. Congratulations to Mr. Bradley.”

    This win at the ZOZO Championship is Bradley’s fifth PGA Tour win. After winning the PGA Championship in 2011, Bradley would go on to win at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational in 2012 and the BMW Championship in 2018.

    Bradley turned professional in 2008. He made his debut on the PGA Tour in 2011 at the Sony Open in Hawaii. Notably, Bradley is just one of six golfers to win his major debut, which was the PGA Championship in 2011. With this win at the ZOZO Championship, Bradley is now ranked no. 23 in the world. 

    Bradley plays with a SuperStroke WristLock putter grip. This unique putter grip design allows the player to “lock” the upper wrist for greater consistency and control, preventing unwanted motion in the wrist. This allows the golf ball to start on line regularly and the player to maintain better distance control. The grip’s signature No Taper Technology is key to providing even grip pressure. 

    SuperStroke putter grips are the most popular grips on tour, with players like Jordan Spieth, Patrick Cantlay and Sungjae Im all playing with SuperStroke putter grips. Additionally, world-renowned putting expert Phil Kenyon backs SuperStroke putter grips. Known for making putter grips to suit every kind of player and putting grip style, SuperStroke leads to players sinking more putts and lowering their score. 

    Keegan Bradley Putter Grip Quick Facts

    Keegan Bradley uses WristLock, a SuperStroke putter grip.

    What is Keegan Bradley’s putter grip?

    Keegan Bradley plays with a SuperStroke Traxion WristLock putter grip. This no-taper grip allows players to lock their upper wrist to prevent movement to start their putt on line more consistently. 

    How many majors has Keegan Bradley won?

    Keegan Bradley has won one major championship – the PGA Championship in 2011.

    Putting Drills for Speed Control

    There are many considerations when it comes to putting and the right putting tips, and one of the most important things to keep in mind is your ball speed. This might not be top of mind when you’re super focused on alignment and keeping your ball on line, but speed can really throw off your putt if you aren’t careful.

    One way to think about why speed control is important in putting and in drills for putting is to think of the childhood game of leapfrog. With this drill, PGA Professional Tessa Teachman has given us a fun way to practice lag putting.

    Developing the correct distance control is going to help you hole more putts and, therefore, reduce the number of putts you have in a round. Practicing lag putting drills (and reading greens correctly) will improve your putting stats and help you find the proper amount of speed to propel the ball towards the hole.

    Putting Tips for Better Speed Control

    To improve your speed control, consider the following putting tips for your golf game: 

    1. Match the Length of Your Back and Through Stroke 

    An even rhythm of your stroke is pertinent to controlling ball speed. Altering the rhythm can affect the consistency of impact location and face angle when your putter comes in contact with the ball. With better rhythm, the stroke will feel more fluid and repeatable. 

    1. Focus on Solid Contact 

    The more centered you hit your putts, the more predictable the distance traveled will be. Toe and heel hits can deaden the strike and will result in a weak roll. 

    1. Speed Will Trump Line

    As distance from the hole increases, the goal is to lag the first putt close. The chances of making a long putt decrease significantly, but lagging the putt close depends more on good speed control versus picking the perfect line.

    Golf Putting Speed Drills

    To improve the consistency of your speed control, a great game to play is the golf version of leapfrog. Instead of vaulting yourself over another person, the goal is to send each golf ball past the previous one and see how far you can get. 

    This is one of the best putting drills for speed. It helps you learn and maintain better control of the ball and see whether you tend to hit the ball too hard or soft. You can also follow along with the steps below by watching the video above.

    1. Place a mark at your start line.
    2. Place a second mark 3 feet from your start line.
    3. Place a third mark 15 feet from your start line.
    4. Hit your first putt as close as possible, yet past the 3-foot mark. Mark where the ball finishes.
    5. Hit your next putt as close as possible, yet past your first putt. Mark where it finishes.
    6. Repeat this process until you leave your next putt short of the previous one or past the 15-foot mark. Start over from 3 feet if this happens.
    7. See how many putts you can leapfrog within 3-15 feet and build on that number as you improve.

    This is one of the best putting drills for speed because you can see how much power it takes to overshoot a ball or come up short, allowing yourself to better gauge the right amount of force you need for a specific speed. You can vary the distances, amount of slope and break. Play games, have fun and watch how distance control is one of the fastest ways to start lowering your scores (aside from playing with SuperStroke putter grips, of course).

    Tom Kim Wins the Shriners Open with a SuperStroke Putter Grip

    This past weekend Tom Kim was victorious at the Shriners Open in Las Vegas at TPC Summerlin using a SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 putter grip. This was Kim’s second win on the PGA Tour, after winning the Wyndham Championship earlier this year, and his first time winning the Shriners Open. 

    Kim finished with a score of 5-under 66 in his final round, narrowly defeating SuperStroke Ambassador Patrick Cantlay.

    “Watching it all come down to Tom Kim and Patrick Cantlay was exciting, and I commend Tom on his win. He’s certainly a player to watch with all of his recent achievements, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see a SuperStroke putter grip in his hands,” shared Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke. 

    This win makes Kim the second youngest golfer to win twice on the PGA Tour since Ralph Guldahl set the record in 1932. Another impressive statistic is the fact that Kim is now the youngest international player to win multiple times on the PGA Tour since the year 1900. 

    After his two wins this year on the PGA Tour, and his remarkable 2-3-0 record on the International Team at the Presidents Cup, Kim’s world ranking now sits at 15.

    For these recent wins and impressive performances, Kim has played with a Traxion Tour 2.0 putter grip, which is one of the most popular grips among professional golfers. 

    The appeal comes from the putter grip’s exceptional control and advanced Spyne technology, which helps with proper hand placement and grip. The Traxion Tour 2.0 is also capable of holding a CounterCore weight for counterweighting, which can offer another edge to your performance.

    SuperStroke is the top brand for putter grips on the PGA Tour for a reason. Used by the best golfers all over the world, including Jordan Spieth, Patrick Cantlay and Sungjae Im, as well as Phil Kenyon, the world-renowned putting expert, SuperStroke makes grips for every player. Grips are engineered with cutting-edge technology and made for every type of putting grip style there is. 

    Tom Kim Putter Grip Quick Fact

    What is Tom Kim’s Putter Grip?

    Tom Kim’s putter grip is the SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0. This grip has a tacky feel with an embossed spine for consistent hand placement and greater control.

    SuperStroke Grip Wins: Your 2021-2022 Golf Season Wrap-up

    The 2022 golf season has had no shortage of exciting moments, especially when it comes to wins by golfers who chose to play with SuperStroke putter grips. In fact, there were more than 50 SuperStroke wins this season across the PGA, LPGA, LET, DP World Tour, Champions, Korn Ferry and Epson tours. 

    This comes as no surprise since SuperStroke is the most popular putter grip on the PGA Tour and likewise used by the best players around the world. 

    As a wrap-up to the spectacular golf season in 2021-2022, we’ve highlighted some of the most thrilling wins of the season. From major winners to SuperStroke Ambassadors, these golfers relied on the best putter grips and best golf grips to come out on top. 

    SuperStroke Putter Grip Wins in the 2021-2022 Season

    This season saw 14 wins on the PGA Tour, plus hundreds of top-10 finishers who chose to play with the best golf grips. Some of the highlights of the season included wins from SuperStroke Ambassadors Jordan Spieth and Patrick Cantlay, as well as many other players. 

    Jordan Spieth – RBC Heritage

    In April 2022, Jordan Spieth pulled off an impressive win at the RBC Heritage. Runner up was fellow SuperStroke Ambassador, and fellow Traxion Flatso putter grip user Patrick Cantlay. After a tap-in par, Spieth finished with a final-round five-under 66. This was his first time winning the RBC Heritage after having previously played in it three other times. 

    Jordan Spieth’s putter grip, the Flatso, has been used for his three major championship wins: The Masters and the U.S. Open in 2015 and the Open Championship in 2017.

    Patrick Cantlay – Zurich Classic

    Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele paired up and took home first place at the Zurich Classic, a unique team competition. This was Cantlay and Schauffele’s third time teaming up for an event, the first two times being the 2019 Presidents Cup and the 2021 Ryder Cup. Patrick Cantlay’s putter grip for the tournaments was the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso, which he has had tremendous success with this year. 

    Patrick Cantlay – BMW Championship

    In one of the final events of the season and the first round of the FedEx Cup playoffs, SuperStroke Ambassador Patrick Cantlay took home top prize at the BMW Championship in Wilmington, DE. This was one event where several of the top finishers – that’s all of the Top 3 and nine of the Top 15 – also chose to play SuperStroke.

    The Patrick Cantlay putter grip of choice is SuperStroke’s Flatso putter grip. This putter grip, hugely popular on tour, has been in his hands for some of his other exciting wins, including the Zurich Classic in April 2022 and the Tour Championship in September 2021. 

    Presidents Cup – Team USA

    This year Team USA won the Presidents Cup, with Jordan Spieth leading the team with his 5-0-0 record. Spieth didn’t lose any of his matches, and this was his first full singles point in the eight cups he’s played in over his career, between the Ryder and Presidents Cups. Not only did Spieth play well with his Flatso grip, 50% of the players on both Team USA and the International Team played with SuperStroke grips. 

    Spieth gave an incredible performance at the Presidents Cup this year, which was also his first time playing in the tournament. Some of the highlights from his performance were long putts he made, with some help from his SuperStroke putting grip. 

    Patrick Cantlay also played on Team USA using his SuperStroke Flatso putter grip. He went 3-1 in his second time playing in the Presidents Cup, his first being in 2019 when Team USA also took home the win.

    Rep Your Favorite Sports Team on Your Golf Grips

    For many golfers, golf is only one of the sports they love and with a licensed team SuperStroke putter grip, you can show off the teams you’re loyal to on the golf course. Licensed team grips for golf clubs also make a perfect present for anyone in your life who wants to show off their school pride or team spirit for their favorite teams in the NCAA, MLB, NHL or NFL.

    SuperStroke licensed team golf grips are available as putter grips and golf club grips. The putter grip is inspired by SuperStroke’s Legacy 2.0 design with No Taper Technology. With a special Cross-Traction surface texture, these oversized grips were designed for incredible overall control.

    The licensed golf club grips feature SuperStroke’s advanced swing grip technologies, starting with Traxion Control. This surface texture gives exceptional overall feedback and tackiness through a softer polyurethane outer layer.

    Whether you choose to play with your licensed team SuperStroke putter grip or golf grip or proudly display it, these grips incorporate tour-approved, advanced SuperStroke technology.

    With NCAA sports and the NFL season kicking off, MLB getting into the postseason, and hockey season and basketball season not far behind them, here are some of the ways you can show off your love of the game for every other sport in your life.

    SuperStroke NFL Golf Grips

    Support the Chiefs with a SuperStroke putter grip.
    Cheer on the Broncos with a SuperStroke golf club grip.

    Touchdown! You might spend your weekends on the golf course, but come Monday night, you’re on the couch cheering on your favorite NFL team. Whether it’s your hometown team or the championship winner, NFL golf grips come in SuperStroke putter grip and golf club grip options. NFL golf grips make a perfect gift or giveaway at your next football watch party.

    SuperStroke MLB Golf Grips

    SuperStroke putter grips come in licensed team options.
    SuperStroke golf club grips come in your favorite MLB teams.

    We can thank the Scottish for golf, but baseball is America’s pastime. Whether your team plays in the National or American league, there’s a good chance you’ll find their putter grip or club grip in our MLB collection. SuperStroke is the best putter grip in the game, and maybe playing a round of golf with your favorite baseball team’s logo will send them a little luck, too.

    SuperStroke NCAA Golf Grips

    Support your favorite NCAA sports teams with SuperStroke putter grip options.
    Golf grips to support your favorite NCAA are available from SuperStroke.

    If you or someone you love went to a big sports school, show some school spirit with SuperStroke NCAA grips. Whether you cheer them on when they’re playing on the football field, basketball or volleyball court or you’re just a proud alumnus, get a putter grip or college golf grip with your favorite college team’s logo.

    SuperStroke NHL Golf Grips

    SuperStroke putter grips come in NHL team designs.
    NHL team golf grips from SuperStroke.

    When the weather turns cold, that means golf is winding down but ice hockey is heating up! There’s nothing more exciting than rooting for your favorite NHL team in their pursuit of the Stanley Cup. If you’re an NHL fan and love cheering on your favorite team on the ice, then SuperStroke’s NHL putter grip and club grip options are definitely for you.

    The Excuses You Need to Buy The Best Golf Grips 

    SuperStroke has the best golf grips for sports lovers out there. Treat yourself to to a licensed team golf grip to prove you’re the #1 fan. Plus, these golf club grips make perfect gifts. Here are some of the top excuses to buy a licensed team golf grip:

    Birthday or Holiday Gift

    If you need to purchase a gift for the sports fan in your life for a birthday, Christmas present or any other special occasion, then MLB golf grips, NFL golf grips or any grip for their favorite sport would certainly be a welcome gift. Paired with everything they need to re-grip a club themselves, like a Re-Grip Kit, this is a thoughtful present for any sports enthusiast who likes to take a hands-on approach to their gear.

    Back to School

    If your child or someone you love is headed to an NCAA school, nothing would be cooler than college golf grips as a present to make them feel at home and let them show off some school spirit in a unique way.

    A conversation starter on display in a dorm room or a way for them to show off their colors on the golf course, SuperStroke NCAA grips make a perfect college gift, whether they’re headed into their freshman year or graduating.

    Fantasy Football or NCAA Bracket Winner Prizes

    If you and your friends are in a Fantasy Football league or do an NCAA bracket challenge every year for March Madness, then you always need a top prize for the winner. Well, look no further because if your friends are also fans of golf, then getting the winner his or her favorite team’s grip is a fantastic prize. Treat them to SuperStroke NCAA grips for March Madness or NFL golf grips for Fantasy Football and everyone will be clamoring for top prize.

    No matter the occasion, getting a licensed team putter grip or golf grip for yourself or a loved one is a cool way to bring several of your favorite sports together and own a collector’s item that you can display or use for years to come.

    The Putting Grip Styles From Tour Championships

    There’s nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite player on tour pull off an exciting victory, especially when it comes down to the wire with nothing but them, their putter grip and one final hole. For many of us who are not professional golfers, it can be hard to picture ourselves in that exact situation. It’s easy to wonder, “How can they pull it off under so much pressure?”

    For many golfers, the technical aspect of this moment comes down to two important things: their putting grip style and the putter grip. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these two things go hand in hand (no pun intended). These players know exactly which putter grip perfectly suits their putting grip style and, by extension, know how to use their putter grip to their advantage in these situations.

    Of course, players on tour are surrounded by equipment experts who can advise them on the right putter grip for their putting grip style. If you don’t have that same advantage, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Luckily for you, SuperStroke makes grips for every putting grip style and we’re here to help.

    If you’ve been curious about the putting grip style and corresponding putter grip used by your favorite tour players in their victories, you’ll find the answer here. Take note of which putting grip style you use and see which golf putter grips you should be using to achieve the same incredible results.

    Wrist Lock Putting Grip Style

    Ryan Brehm Putter Grip – SuperStroke WristLock

    Ryan Brehm uses a SuperStroke WristLock putter grip.

    Ryan Brehm pulled off his first win on the PGA Tour at the Puerto Rico Open in March. He uses a WristLock style of putting. Luckily for him, SuperStroke’s WristLock putter grip is especially made for this putting grip style and using this grip paid off for him during this tournament.

    The WristLock putter grip is one of SuperStroke’s most innovative models. This putter grip is specifically designed to “lock” the upper wrist in place to keep it steady. This is key because it prevents unwanted movement during a putt, leading to a greater sense of control over the stroke’s motion. Right-handed or left-handed golfers can benefit from this putter grip, and it’s ideal for anyone looking to cut down on wrist motion for more control.

    Left Hand Low Putting Grip Style 

    Jordan Spieth Putter Grip – SuperStroke Flatso 1.0

    Jordan Spieth uses a SuperStroke Flatso putter grip.

    There’s no doubt Jordan Spieth has achieved a great deal in his professional golf career, and through many of his most triumphant moments, he’s had his SuperStroke Flatso putter grip by his side. This includes his recent win at the RBC Heritage in April.

    The Flatso grip perfectly compliments his Left Hand Low putting grip style. This grip has a unique pentagonal shape, meaning it has first distinct sides allowing for a special feel. Another important part of the grip’s overall feel is surface texture meant to give incredible feedback and tack. “X-shaped” treads in high sensory areas, including the sides and underside of the grip, also enhance the grip’s feel and overall comfort in your hands.

    The results Spieth has gotten with the Flatso grip speak for themselves – he has used a Flatso for all three of his major championship victories.

    Arm Lock Putting Grip Style

    Will Zalatoris Putter Grip – SuperStroke 1.0PT

    Will Zalatoris uses a SuperStroke 1.0PT putter grip.

    Much has been said about the Arm Lock putting style. It may not be for everyone, but Will Zalatoris has clearly had great success with it, particularly at the St. Jude Classic where he had an incredible victory using the SuperStroke 1.0PT putter grip. 

    The 1.0PT does not need to be used with an Arm Lock style, but those players who do have this putting grip style will find that this grip compliments it. The 1.0PT is a blend of tradition and advanced Traxion technology.

    Starting with a classic pistol-style, the grip has been engineered to have a more pronounced arc which achieves a few key things. For one, this allows players to maintain even grip pressure. Second, players who use this grip find it’s easier to start online more consistently.

    Conventional Putting Grip Style

    Justin Thomas Putter Grip – SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour

    Justin Thomas uses a SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour putter grip.

    In one of this year’s major championship moments, Justin Thomas triumphed at the PGA Championship with a SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour. This is one of the best putter grips for the putting grip style he uses: the conventional grip.

    As the name suggests, the conventional grip can be used with several putter grip styles, but we can clearly see how Thomas has found success using the Pistol GT Tour. Like the 1.0PT, this is a pistol-style grip. The advancements that take it a step further include the No Taper Technology and the Advanced Spyne Technology.

    These help golfers to minimize their overall grip pressure with a parallel design and easily find repeatable hand placements for a perfect grip every time. To quiet the hands, there’s a uniform lower hand profile that also plays a role in consistent strokes.

    SuperStroke takes pride in making putter grips for every golfer and every putting grip style. To get an even more personalized recommendation for a putter grip, use the putter grip selector tool to find the best grip for your game.