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    Joohyung Kim Wins the Wyndham Championship With a SuperStroke Putter Grip

    This past weekend at the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro, NC, Joohyung Kim took home the trophy thanks to a blistering final round 61. To help him achieve this incredible feat, Kim used a Traxion Tour 2.0 putter grip. Of the top thirteen finishers of the tournament, ten of the players used either SuperStroke putter grips or S-Tech club grips.

    This was Kim’s first ever win on the PGA Tour. He finished at 20-under-par, beating runners up John Huh and Sungjae Im by five strokes.

    “The whole SuperStroke team is extending a big congratulations to Mr. Kim on his exciting win. In addition, we also couldn’t be more proud that ten of the top players also chose to play with SuperStroke golf grips,” shared Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke.

    In addition to this first win on the PGA Tour, Kim has won twice on the Asian Tour and twice on the Korean Tour. The son of a professional golfer, he made his debut in professional golf in 2018 on the Philippine Golf Tour.

    Kim recently finished T47 at the Open Championship and 7th in the Rocket Mortgage Classic. With this win at the Wyndham Championship, Kim is eligible to play in the 2022 FedEx Cup Playoffs.

    The SuperStroke putter grip Kim used in his victory was the Traxion Tour 2.0. This is one of the top performing grips on Tour, used by several Tour players. This grip incorporates two key pieces of SuperStroke technology: Traxion Control and Spyne Technology. The Traxion Control offers surface texture for a satisfying tacky feel while the Spyne Technology’s embossed ridge helps players find the proper hand positioning every time.

    SuperStroke is the number one putter grip used on Tour, and backed by Tour professionals. From players like Jordan Spieth and Patrick Cantlay, to world-renowned putting coach and expert Phil Kenyon. What distinguishes SuperStroke is the wide variety of grips developed especially for different players depending on putting grip style, preferences in feel as well as grip size. For a player looking to find that personalized feel that goes perfectly with their game, there’s SuperStroke.

    Putting Drills to Take Your Skills to the Next Level

    Everyone knows the first place to start when you want to give yourself the best chance at sinking putts is with a SuperStroke putting grip, but even SuperStroke devotees can benefit from putting drills to help them tighten up their stroke and train themselves to be more consistent and confident. 

    Putting tips for golf can come in handy for anyone who struggles with putting. Someone who already feels confident in their abilities but wants to tighten up a few areas can utilize them as well. There’s always room for growth, and drills for putting are an important part of that development. 

    Here at SuperStroke, we want players who use our putter grips to have plenty of access to putting tips and drills that will put them on the right path to improving their game. That’s why we enlist the help of world-renowned putting expert and instructor Phil Kenyon and PGA Professional Tessa Teachman to offer some of the best putting drills and instruction to SuperStroke golfers. 

    But it’s also helpful to remind ourselves why putting drills are an important part of golf practice, no matter your skill level. Control, proper technique and muscle memory all play into consistent putting performance, and the right drills for putting will help put these things into practice.

    Drills for putting can help every golfer improve.

    The Benefits of Putting Drills

    There’s no such thing as too much practice, and anyone who wants to improve their technique needs to take the time to focus on certain skills. There are more reasons to do putting drills other than just to improve your game – they can even be fun. Here are some of the main reasons every golfer should incorporate drills for putting into their practice routine.

    Better Posture and Setup

    The more you practice putting with the correct posture and proper setup, the more your body will find this correct positioning every time you putt. Eventually, thanks to your muscle memory, setting up to the ball will be second nature. 

    Using putting aids in your drills like a putting mirror can be especially helpful for you to make sure you have the right posture and know how to repeat it on the golf course.

    Putting aids are an essential part of putting drills.

    Build Your Confidence 

    If you’re trying to build up your confidence when you putt, repetition will make you feel better about your abilities and remove doubts. Take the time to practice and be certain you’re starting on the ball line (perhaps thanks to your putting mirror!), recognize you have a solid stroke path and know you can read greens. This will build your confidence, which will translate to your performance on the golf course.

    Simulate On-course Performance

    When you’re practicing, what you’re doing is simulating your on-course performance with much lower stakes. If you put putting tips into practice in a low- or no-stakes situation, you take the pressure off yourself and can focus on improving. 

    Set some goals per putting drill, like making more putts each week. This will give you actionable and measurable goals that will make your practices feel more intentional and productive. These putting drills are especially helpful when you want to build confidence for those left-to-right breakers.

    Have Some Fun

    Taking some time to focus on individual aspects of your golf game is fun. Putting drills engage your body and your mental game, and they motivate you to continuously improve. When you meet your goals in putting drills, you feel incredibly accomplished and give you a boost that will carry over onto the course.

    Plus, putting drills are essentially another name for putting games; make a competition out of it and practice with friends and family.

    Putting Drills Areas of Improvement

    There are four major areas of improvement that most putting drills focus on. You may need help in just a few of these areas or all four. No matter what, it’s helpful to incorporate putting drills for all of these skills into your at-home putting drills routine or your sessions practicing at the club. 

    Putting Drills for Setup, Posture and Stroke Mechanics

    Putting tips that help in each of these areas are all about your form and physical body position when you set up to your putt and make your stroke. If you lack a consistent setup or you’re looking for more precision and control, you want to seek out drills for putting that not only offer instant feedback, but also a repetitive motion you can repeat for 10 minutes every day. 

    Spending that first part of your practice session focusing on the correct form will help you build an unshakeable foundation that sets you up for success not only in putting drills you use later in the day, but also on the golf course.

    Best Putting Drills for Alignment

    Your alignment, or your setup in relation to your target, is an essential part of proper technique. Everything from where your eye positioning lies as you set up and hit the golf ball to even the ball placement can affect how you putt. Putting drills for alignment can make a real difference in your putting performance because it’s not only about where and how you aim, but which line your ball starts on.

    Putting drills for alignment help improve on course performance.

    Green Reading and Reading Breaks

    Seeing the path your ball needs to take to make it into the hole is an essential skill and not one that comes naturally to every player. With the right putting drills, however, you can develop your green reading skills – all you need is practice! Once you feel more comfortable with reading the slopes, you can stand more confidently over the putt.

    Lag and Distance Putting

    Another putting tip for golf is leveraging distance drills. Lag putting drills are especially helpful to use before you play a new golf course and want to adjust to the greens’ speeds. 

    As much as everyone would like to one-putt each hole, it doesn’t always work out that way. Practicing your lag putts is an important part of any golfer’s arsenal if you want to lower your score. By adopting lag putting drills, you’re ensuring you can putt your ball as close to the hole as possible for a tap-in and avoid those three-putts.

    After taking a foundational approach and focusing on your posture first, check out our putting drills for alignment, speed and more to boost your confidence during your next round. SuperStroke is here to help with putting tips and putter grips that seek to improve every aspect of your performance. 

    Trey Mullinax Wins the Barbasol Championship with a SuperStroke Putter Grip

    Trey Mullinax just pulled off his very first PGA Tour win at the Barbasol Championship in Kentucky. Using a Traxion Pistol GT, one of the most popular SuperStroke putter grips on tour, Mullinax won the tournament with a 15-foot putt on the 18th hole. His total score came to 25-under 263.

    Mullinax narrowly beat Kevin Streelman by a single stroke after playing 33 holes on Sunday. This victory grants Mullinax the final spot to compete at the Open Championship in St. Andrews this weekend. 

    “A huge congratulations to Trey Mullinax on his very first win on the PGA Tour,” expressed Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke. “That 15-foot putt was certainly something to behold and there’s no doubt that the SuperStroke was the right choice in that moment to aid him in his exciting victory.”

    Mullinax has been playing professional golf since 2014 when he joined the Tour (now the Korn Ferry Tour). One of the top moments of Mullinax’s career thus far has been his course record score of 62 during the third round of the Valero Texas Open at TPC San Antonio in 2018. This led to his best PGA Tour finish so far, as joint-runner up with a final round score of 69. 

    The Traxion Pistol GT is one of the best pistol-style putter grips and the choice of golfers with a conventional style putting grip. Like many SuperStroke putter grips, the Traxion Pistol GT uses Spyne technology to enhance the grip’s feel and reinforce proper hand alignment. The pistol-style design helps to lock the upper hand position, which maintains consistency in the stroke. 

    SuperStroke grips are used by golf professionals and amateurs alike to maintain proper form, sink more putts and lower scores. PGA Tour players like Jordan Spieth, Patrick Cantlay and Sungjae Im all play with SuperStroke putter grips. Additionally, Phil Kenyon, the renowned putting coach, recommends SuperStroke putter grips for players looking to improve their putting skills. 

    Trey Mullinax Putter Grip Quick Facts

    The Traxion Pistol GT is one of the SuperStroke putter grips in the pistol-style.

    What is Trey Mullinax’s Putter Grip?

    Trey Mullinax uses SuperStroke’s Traxion Pistol GT, the best SuperStroke’s putter grip for golfers who use a conventional putting grip and prefer the feel of a pistol-style grip. The Traxion Pistol GT is a popular choice on tour.

    How Many Majors has Trey Mullinax Won?

    Trey Mullinax has yet to win a major championship. His best finish in a major was a top-10 at the 2017 U.S. Open. 

    Xander Schauffele Wins the Scottish Open With a SuperStroke Putter Grip

    Xander Schauffele’s victory at the Scottish Open on Sunday at the Renaissance Club in North Berwick, Scotland, is his fourth win in the last 12 months. This tournament was co-sanctioned by the PGA Tour this year, making this Schauffele’s seventh win on the PGA Tour. Like his recent victory at the Travelers Championship in June, Schauffele used a SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 putter grip to clinch the win. 

    Schauffele finished one shot ahead of Kurt Kitayama with a final score of 7-under-273. This came after two birdies and a par save that helped him achieve an even-par 70 after a tumultuous stretch in Sunday’s round. With this win under his belt, Schauffele is next headed to St Andrews to play in the Open Championship. 

    “Xander Schauffele has done it again, and so soon after his impressive win at the Travelers Championship. With his drive and skill, not to mention his expert use of SuperStroke’s Traxion Tour grip, he’s a player to watch,” shared Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke.

    The 28-year-old Schauffele has been playing on the PGA Tour since 2016, with his first PGA Tour victory at the Greenbrier Classic in 2018. Since then he has gone on to seven wins on the PGA Tour and ten professional wins overall. 

    Schauffele’s PGA Tour victories in 2022 include his win at the Zurich Classic in April with teammate Patrick Cantlay and the Travelers Championship in June. He also won the JP McManus Pro-Am, an unofficial event on the European Tour at Adare Manor in Ireland. Here he set a course record in the first round by shooting 64.

    The Xander Schauffele putter grip of choice in each of these recent wins is one of the most popular SuperStroke putter grips, the Traxion Tour 2.0. Ideal for several putting grip styles, Traxion Tour putter grips bring together a number of SuperStroke’s cutting edge design elements into one sleek grip. 

    The Traxion Tour, like many SuperStroke putter grips, includes No-Taper technology for a great feel in your hands. Plus, those who prefer a weighted grip have the option to counterbalance this grip.

    SuperStroke putter grips have long been considered the #1 grip on tour, and are used by professional golfers like Jordan Spieth and Sungjae Im as well as world-renowned putting coach and expert, Phil Kenyon. Any player looking to improve their putting grip with the help of the advanced designs of SuperStroke putter grips should explore the wide variety of grips available. 

    Xander Schauffele Putter Grip Quick Facts

    The Traxion Tour is Xander Schauffele's putter grip of choice among SuperStroke putter grips.

    What is Xander Schauffele’s Putter Grip?

    Xander Schauffele uses SuperStroke’s Traxion Tour 2.0 putter grip, which melds together advanced technology like Traxion Control and Spyne Technology for improved control and consistent hand placement. 

    How Many Majors has Xander Schauffele Won?

    Xander Schauffele has not won a major championship on Tour yet, but he came in second place at the 2019 Masters and the 2018 Open Championship.

    Xander Schauffele Wins the Travelers Championship With a SuperStroke Grip

    This past Sunday, Xander Schauffele won the Travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands at 19-under. He secured the victory with a SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 putter grip.

    At this year’s Travelers Championship, Schauffele narrowly beat out rookie Sahith Theegala who had trouble getting out of a bunker on 18. Schauffele birdied the last hole to beat both Theegala and J.T. Poston by two strokes.

    “We saw Xander Schauffele make some incredibly impressive shots at the Travelers Championship this year, especially hitting to 3 feet for a birdie on that final hole,” noted Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke. “His putting game was also in top form and it was fantastic to see him use the SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 to its full potential.”

    This exciting win is Schauffele’s second of the season, after winning the Zurich Classic of New Orleans in April with teammate and SuperStroke ambassador Patrick Cantlay. This victory also marks Schauffele’s eighth professional win and sixth on the PGA Tour.

    Schauffele turned professional in 2015 and has since had several impressive major finishes, including coming in second at the 2018 Open Championship and the 2019 Masters. His win at the Travelers Championship brings his official golf world ranking to 11. 

    The putter grip Schauffele used is the Traxion Tour 2.0, one of the favorite SuperStroke putter grips for overall control; this is one of the best putter grip choices for a golfer with a conventional putting grip style

    There’s a reason SuperStroke is the biggest name in putter grips. The advanced technology and thoughtful design of all SuperStroke putter grips offers golfers precision and control over their putts, from professional golfers to amateurs. With carefully crafted models made for every type of golfer and grip style, SuperStroke truly has a putter grip for every player who wants to lower their golf score. 

    Players like Jordan Spieth and Sungjae Im, as well as world-renowned putting coach Phil Kenyon, all back SuperStroke. 

    Xander Schauffele Putter Grip Quick Fact

    The SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0 is Xander Schauffele's putter grip of choice.

    What is Xander Schauffele’s Putter Grip?

    Xander Schauffele uses SuperStroke’s Traxion Tour 2.0 putter grip. This model advances some of the most popular SuperStroke putter grips by incorporating Traxion Control and Spyne Technology for a great overall feel and improved control. 

    Rory McIlroy Wins RBC Canadian Open With SuperStroke Grip

    This past weekend, Rory McIlroy walked away with the victory at the RBC Canadian Open at St. George’s Golf Course in Ontario. McIlroy nabbed the win using one of the most popular SuperStroke putter grips, the Traxion Pistol GT Tour.

    McIlroy’s final score, an 8-under 62, beat out Justin Thomas and Tony Finau for a two-stroke win. The win marked McIlroy’s second at the RBC Canadian Open after previously taking home first place in 2019 when he won by seven strokes. This victory brings his total professional wins on the PGA Tour to 21. 

    “We’re extending a warm congratulations to Mr. McIlroy for his fantastic win in Canada last weekend,” expressed Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke. “It was an exciting tournament to watch and when it came down to it he was able to pull off the win, SuperStroke putting grip in hand.”

    This victory at the RBC Canadian Open is McIlroy’s first win of the year and brings his Official World Golf Ranking to number 3. His most recent win was in October of 2021 at the CJ Cup where he edged Collin Morikawa by one stroke. 

    McIlroy’s putter grip at the RBC Canadian Open was SuperStroke’s Traxion Pistol GT Tour. This putting grip is a new approach to the typical pistol-style putter grips that are incredibly popular with professional golfers. Many choose this putter grip because the design allows the golfer to more easily lock the upper hand into position without a taper. This is key to maintaining consistent and even grip pressure which extends into greater consistency of a putting stroke. 

    SuperStroke is consistently the top choice of putter grips for professional golfers, including on the PGA Tour. From careful engineering and innovative designs to their performance on the golf course, SuperStroke putter grips are the choice of players like Jordan Spieth and Patrick Cantlay and putting experts like Phil Kenyon. With options tailored to every golfer and putting style, SuperStroke has a putting grip for anyone looking to lower their golf score and improve their technique. 

    Rory McIlroy Putter Grip Quick Facts

    Rory McIlroy won the RBC Heritage with this SuperStroke putter grip: Traxion Pistol GT Tour.

    What is Rory McIlroy’s Putter Grip?

    Rory McIlroy uses SuperStroke’s Pistol GT Tour putter grip. Using No-Taper Technology, this new take on the classic pistol-style grip allows golfers to maintain consistency in hand placement and their putting stroke.

    How Many Majors has Rory McIlroy Won?

    Rory McIlroy has won four major championships. He won the U.S Open in 2011, The Open Championship in 2014 and the PGA Championship in 2012 and 2014. 

    Best Golf Grips (And More!) For Father’s Day 

    When you’re shopping for a Father’s Day gift for your golf-loving Dad, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what to get him. But at SuperStroke, we know exactly what he really wants, and that’s to actually improve his game and lower his score. How many new golf shirts will help him do that?

    For the serious golfing dads who would welcome some major improvement in their putting and golf swing, we have a roundup of our most popular golf grips and putter grips that will have him improving his game in no time. Give him the gift of better hand alignment, steadier wrists and the ability to sink more putts on the green. You can’t put a price on that.

    SuperStroke Putter Grips and Golf Grips for Dad

    If Dad wants to lower his golf score, one of the first places to start is making him an expert at putting. If you know Dad’s putter grip style, then it will be easy to narrow down exactly which SuperStroke putter grips are best for him. But if you aren’t sure, we have a few suggestions.

    The Wrist-Lock: Best Putter Grip to Steady Those Wrists

    The SuperStroke Wrist-Lock is the best putter grip to steady wrists.

    This putter grip is SuperStroke’s answer for fans of the arm-lock grip style. If Dad once played with this style or he finds that he struggles with overactive wrists when putting, this grip might make all the difference.

    SuperStroke’s Wrist-Lock putter grip eliminates the right hand’s influence and forces you to use your arms and shoulders to make a pendulum-style stroke, which is steady, exact and consistent. This grip works for right-handed and left-handed golfers and fits several putting styles, including traditional, left hand low and claw.

    Traxion Flatso: Best Putter Grip to Eliminate Grip Pressure

    The SuperStroke Flatso is the best putter grip to eliminate grip pressure.

    Gripping putter grips too tightly is a problem many golfers face. SuperStroke has engineered the uniquely shaped Traxion Flatso grip to help resolve several typical problems, including eliminating grip pressure, reinforcing proper hand placement and delivering on a soft yet tacky feel.

    It’s the parallel design of this five-sided grip that helps golfers eliminate their grip pressure. The uniform lower hand profile assists golfers in quieting their hands and adding consistency to their stroke, which will definitely help Dad sink more putts. This is the putter grip that Jordan Spieth uses, so if Dad is a fan, this might be right up his alley.

    1.0PT: The Best Putter Grip For Fans of a Pistol-Style Grip

    The SuperStroke 1.0PT is the best putter grip for fans of a pistol-style grip.

    Those who say you shouldn’t mess with a classic haven’t met SuperStroke’s 1.0PT. This putter grip only enhances the pistol-style grip that players have used for decades. Improvements include a more pronounced arc under the top hand extending into the butt area of the grip and SuperStroke’s advanced Traxion materials to maintain even grip pressure and boost the consistency in starting the ball on-line.

    Additionally, this grip feels great in your hands. An outer layer of tacky polyurethane offers a comfortable feel leading to greater overall confidence. The signature SPYNE technology delivers an embossed ridge that will prompt repeatable hand placement every time, so Dad is always sure exactly where his hands need to go.

    S-Tech: The Best Golf Grips For Feedback

    SuperStroke's S-Tech golf grips are the best golf grips on the market.

    Moving along to club grips, SuperStroke has some of the most innovative golf grips on the market today. For ultimate feedback and control, we’d recommend the S-Tech golf grips.

    These golf grips have a minimal taper that is key to helping golfers maintain even hand pressure so Dad can swing faster and square the clubface more naturally. Additionally, the cross-shaped surface texture provides fantastic control no matter the weather conditions he’s playing in.

    These grips are used by pros on tour, including Jordan Spieth, so you know they pack a punch. With a variety of color options as well, you can select the perfect one for Dad.

    Licensed Team Grips: Best Golf Grips for the Ultimate Sports Fan

    Get SuperStroke putter grips with your favorite NFL team logo.
    Get SuperStroke putter grips with your favorite MLB team logo.

    If Dad loves baseball, football or hockey just as much as he loves golf, he’ll love a putter grip or a club grip bearing the logo of his favorite MLB, NFL or NHL team. Check out our available options for licensed team grips and get him a grip with the team he supports so he can show team pride on the golf course.

    Father’s Day Accessories and Training Aids

    From putting aids to a golf hat or even a DIY regripping kit, there are some other gift options that go hand in hand with Superstroke putter grips and golf grips.

    Re-Grip Kit: Best for Handy Golf Dads

    Re-grip your golf grips with SuperStroke's re-grip kit.

    If Dad likes to work with his hands and appreciates doing something himself to save some money, get him our Re-Grip Kit so he can learn to re-grip his golf clubs himself at home.

    Re-gripping golf clubs is not difficult to do and saves him time and money in the long run when he’s no longer depending on pros in the shop to re-grip his clubs for him. With instructions from SuperStroke on golf club re-gripping, Dad will feel accomplished at mastering a new skill and be able to re-grip his clubs whenever he wants.

    Putting Aids: Help Dad Start On Line

    A Start Line trainer and putter grips will improve putting.
    Putting aids to go along with putter grips are a great gift.

    If putting is not Dad’s biggest strong suit because he struggles with starting on line and could use some help with his alignment, a putting aid should do the trick. One of the best putting aids is a Start Line Trainer. There are several drills he can do with this nifty tool and he’ll soon be able to adjust where he starts.

    Another putting aid that world-renowned putting coach Phil Kenyon uses to train putting is the elevated string line, which is great for training the eye. Dad will love reading about how to use the elevated string line and see improvements in no time.

    SuperStroke Hat: Best Accessory to Any SuperStroke Grip

    Alt text: A SuperStroke golf hat is a perfect Father's Day gift.

    If Dad has a bag full of golf clubs with SuperStroke grips, give him another avenue to rep the brand with a SuperStroke golf hat. It’s the ultimate accessory on the golf course, with a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Keep the sun and sweat out of his eyes so he can keep his eye on the ball.

    Any of these gift options are sure to make Dad feel extra special this Father’s Day. Just don’t blame us when Dad starts beating you on the golf course!

    Golf Putting Drills for Eye Positioning

    My name is Tessa Teachman, and I’ve been a professional golfer since 2012. I’m currently working as the 1st Assistant Golf Professional at the Quarry Golf Club in Naples, Florida, as a newly elected class A member of the PGA. Over the course of my professional playing career, I’ve competed in the U.S. Women’s Open, the Ladies European Tour and on Big Break Myrtle Beach.

    I’ve partnered with SuperStroke to bring you my passion for putting through my favorite golf tips and some of the best putting drills you can do at home to improve your skills.

    To start, I want to share some putting tips on alignment, about eye positioning, more specifically. This may not be something you frequently think about when you’re putting, but it can have a big impact on whether or not you sink your putt.

    Ever feel like your putts are close but just burning the edge of the hole? Chances are, your head is moving too much during your putting stroke. This can be fixed through putting drills for alignment that also ensure you have a proper stance and posture.

    Putting Drills for Alignment and Positioning

    Putting drills for golf give you the opportunity to practice putting, identify common errors you make, and allow you to make small adjustments so you can perform better on the golf course. If you have identified that you typically have trouble with proper alignment and positioning, doing drills for putting that resolve these issues will help you get better before your next round of golf.

    Putting Drill #1: Establish Eye Position with a Ball Drop

    The first of these drills for putting is to test your eye positioning. Let’s check to see if your eyes are over the ball in your setup.

    You can test this with one of my favorite golf putting drills. Use a putting mirror or place a golf ball on the bridge of your nose, assume your putting stance over a ball and drop the ball from the bridge of your nose. Where it lands on the ground is where your eyes are positioned.

    Tessa Teachman shows how to do the ball golf putting drill, described in her SuperStroke blog.
    Tessa Teachman shows how your eye positioning in your setup should look like after you use her ball golf putting drill, described in her SuperStroke blog.
    Tessa Teachman shows how to tell if you are too bent over at setup with her ball golf putting drill, described in her SuperStroke blog.
    Tessa Teachman shows how to tell if your eyes are too inside your path line with her ball golf putting drill, described in her SuperStroke blog.

    In a perfect world, the ball should drop exactly on top of where your golf ball should be positioned in your stance. Make small adjustments like tipping more from the hips or standing closer to get your eyes directly over the golf ball to help see the line clearer and to also get your ball started on your intended line.

    Putting Drill #2: Stay in Your Lane (and on the Wall)

    Tessa Teachman shows her starting position with her shadow in this golf putting drill, described in her SuperStroke blog.
    Tessa Teachman shows how much your head can move during your putting stroke in her golf putting drill, described in her SuperStroke blog.
    Tessa Teachman shows how to use your shadow to keep your head still throughout your putting stroke with this ball golf putting drill, described in her SuperStroke blog.

    If your eyes are over the golf ball and your ball is still rolling over the edge of the hole, it could be from improper alignment or a mis-read; typically, that means the player’s head is moving off the golf ball.

    Think of it like this: when you are driving your car and you look off to the left, your car tends to veer where your eyes are looking. Same for your putting. When your head is moving even the slightest amount, your golf ball tends to follow that path. Keeping this in mind during any of your golf putting drills will help you avoid missed putts when the stakes are higher on the golf course.

    One of the best putting tips you can use to check the movement of your head is to find a wall where you can get into your golf posture, place the crown of your head against the wall and make some practice strokes. Feel how solid and still your head stays against the wall. This is the feeling you want to replicate when you are stroking all your putts.

    To take this feel to the putting green, you can use your shadow. Face a direction that you can see your shadow in front of you. Place an object like a tee in the ground at your head. Watch your shadow as you stroke your putt.

    Try to keep your head as still as possible over that reference point until you hear your ball drop in the hole. The less your head moves, the better chance your ball will start on its intended line and travel to the target.

    These putting tips for alignment will help the golf ball start on your line, and you’ll see your putts rolling straight into the hole – no more lip-outs. These drills, paired with the control enabled by the ridge on the SuperStroke putter grips I use, give you the perfect setup to sink more putts every round.

    Justin Thomas Wins PGA Championship with a SuperStroke Putter Grip

    This weekend’s PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas used a SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT Tour putter grip to clinch his win. Thomas wasn’t the only player at the PGA Championship to choose a SuperStroke putting grip – all of the top five finishers had SuperStroke putter grips.

    This is Justin Thomas’s second PGA Championship win after his 2017 victory, which he won by only two shots. In this year’s tournament, Thomas played in an especially difficult wave on Thursday and Friday and was one of the final players on the course on Saturday. Thomas began Sunday seven shots back after shooting 67-67-74.

    During Sunday’s final round, Thomas shot an even-par 35 on the front nine before sinking a putt on hole 11 from 65 feet away. Thomas birdied hole 12 and almost birdied hole 15, and then birdied hole 17 to get to finish his round at 5 under to force a playoff.  A score of 1-under-par in the three-hole aggregate playoff was enough to deliver Thomas his second Wanamaker Trophy.

    “This was the type of comeback tournament win everyone hopes for and Justin Thomas should be congratulated for his resilience on the course. He never gave up, and that’s fun golf to watch,” explained Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke. “It’s the icing on the cake that so many worthy golfers at the PGA Championship chose SuperStroke on this momentous occasion.”

    This is Justin Thomas’s fifteenth win on the PGA Tour and his second major championship, the first being his 2017 PGA Championship victory. His most recent PGA Tour win was in 2021 at The Players Championship.

    The putting grip Justin Thomas used to nab his second PGA Championship win was the SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT Tour putter grip. This is one of SuperStroke’s most popular putter grips, especially among players on tour. It takes the classic pistol-style putting grip design, which helps golfers to lock in the position of their upper hand for even grip pressure, and incorporates SuperStroke’s advanced technology for improved hand placement, alignment and feel.

    SuperStroke putter grips have been helping golfers lower their scores since 2009. With putter grips for every type of player, SuperStroke makes it possible for players to perfect their alignment, master the ideal gripping style for them and sink more putts.

    Justin Thomas Putter Grip Quick Facts: 

    Justin Thomas putter grip of choice is the SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour.

    What is Justin Thomas’ Putter Grip?

    Justin Thomas uses SuperStroke’s Pistol GT Tour putter grip, which marries a classic pistol-style with SuperStroke’s Spyne technology for better alignment every time.

    Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele Win Zurich Classic with SuperStroke Putter Grips

    At the Zurich Classic in New Orleans this past weekend, Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele each claimed their first victories on the PGA Tour for the 2021-2022 season while competing together in the team event. Both Patrick Cantlay, a SuperStroke Ambassador, and Xander Schauffele played using SuperStroke putter grips.

    Cantlay and Schauffele shot 59-68-60 over the course of the first three days of the tournament before finishing with an even 72 on Sunday, beating Sam Burns and Billy Horschel by two strokes. Cantlay and Schauffele previously played together as a team in the 2019 Presidents Cup and the 2021 Ryder Cup.

    “Watching Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele lead the Zurich Classic for the first three days and then pull off the win on Sunday was exhilarating,” shared Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke. “These two players make an excellent team and give SuperStroke a reason to be a proud partner today.”

    This victory marks Patrick Cantlay’s seventh win on the PGA Tour and comes right after he narrowly lost to Jordan Spieth at the RBC Heritage in a playoff this April. In 2021 he also won the FedEx Cup and was voted PGA Tour Player of the Year. Cantlay now sits 5th in the Official World Golf Rankings.

    Xander Schauffele has five PGA Tour wins under his belt since going professional in 2015, including this victory at the Zurich Classic. He previously won the Greenbrier Classic and Tour Championship in 2017, the WGC-HSBC Champions in 2018 and the Sentry Tournament of Champions in 2019. He’s currently ranked 12th in the World Rankings.

    SuperStroke is the number one choice of putter grips for professional players across the PGA Tour, including Jordan Spieth and Sungjae Im. World-renowned putting expert Phil Kenyon also recommends SuperStroke putting grips. SuperStroke makes putter grips and club grips for every type of player and grip style, helping golfers reach their highest potential and get the most out of their games.

    Patrick Cantlay Putter Grip Quick Facts:

    Patrick Cantlay putter grip choice, the SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 1.0.

    What is Patrick Cantlay’s Putter Grip?

    Patrick Cantlay’s grip of choice is SuperStroke’s Traxion Flatso 1.0 which boasts a uniquely flat shape for players who want the feel of a wide putter grip.

    Xander Schauffele Putter Grip Quick Facts:

    Xander Schauffele putter grip choice, the SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0.

    What is Xander Schauffele’s Putter Grip?

    Xander Schauffele uses SuperStroke’s Traxion Tour 2.0 putter grip, which features an embossed ridge to guide the player’s hands to the correct grip position every time, making it easy to square the face of the putter.